Straw Hats - Care Instructions

Our straw hats are handmade in Mallorca, using ornately handwoven Ecuadorian straw.

If you don't wear your hat, rest it on the crown or hang it on a stand, hook or rack. Don't leave the hat in the car as it can overheat and deform. We recommend a hatbrush to wipe off dust - for stains a dry cloth and patience are your best friend.

Straw hats are not made to be worn in the rain and any contact with water will deform your straw beauty and shorten its lifespan. However, in case your flat brim straw gets wet - rest it on the brim for a full day and put some books on top, if your hat has a turned up brim (cowboy hat) - let it dry resting on the crown. Straw is an adaptable material and will change its shape and form.