collection: Straw Collection

The Crown of the Vagabond Straw Collection is the result of a long process of carefully sourcing materials of highest quality. A process of trial and error till we’ve found the best and highest quality straw all around South America - straw handwoven in Ecuador. 

And finally the process of designing and crafting hats that not just meet our standards of quality and style but far beyond that. We’re proud to introduce our first Straw Collection that of course is 100 percent handmade and unique as always! With this collection we ensure high fashion badass hats made of materials that are regenerative, durable, breathable and environmental friendly. 

We handcraft all of our hats ourselves in Mallorca, using ornately handwoven Ecuadorian straw. All of our straw hats are available either with a silk lining and a sweatband of highest quality Italian leather or as a vegan option using a cotton lining and a breathable synthetic sweatband.

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