Your Bespoke Custom Hat

We believe in slow fashion and sustainability! Made to fit your individual headshape and size perfectly.

Each hat is handmade by us in our hat workshop in Mallorca and it takes us around 2-6 weeks to craft a custom hat that is made to last for generations.

Create yours now!

some of the bespoke custom hats we've created

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  • To ensure an everlasting and enjoyable hat we only use highest quality felts consciously sourced in Europe.

  • Every hat has its own uniqueness - it is our approach to create your perfect new signature piece portraying you!

  • We craft your custom hat by hand using water, fire, steam and the traditional tools and techniques used by hatters for centuries.

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Custom Hat: Characteristics & Creation


How much do Bespoke Custom Hats cost?

• Fur Felt Hats: 590,-€

• Straw Hats: starting from 290,-€

A non refundable 250,-€ deposit is obligated upon placement of your order and the remaining amount is to be paid once your hat is completed.


What is included in a Bespoke Custom Hat Order?

• your unique, customised Crown of the Vagabond Hat, made to fit your individual head shape and size

• FaceTime Call or In-Person Meeting in our workshop in Mallorca to develop your bespoke hat design and take measurements

• all accessories of your design such as hatband, mussels, pearls, coins, stones, etc. - a personalised Sweatband and a variety of signature linings to choose from

Jailbird Crown of the Vagabond


Following expenses aren't covered:

• Custom Brandings or excessive designs - you will be informed if this applies and will be calculated by workload

• Shipping is not included! Europe: 20€; UK/Switzerland: 40€; Outside Europe: 100€

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  • Information & Vision

    First, you can either hit us up with a message (via email or instagram) or proceed with the link above. No matter what, we'll get back to you and let you know about all the details. If you already have a vision - great! If you don't - we'll work it out ;)

    Normally we'd book an appointment for you to visit our studio in Mallorca so we can make sure all the measurements are correct and talk through your future hat-to-be. However, this might not be possible for everyone, so we proceed digitally.

  • FaceTime Call & Head Shape

    We'll send you a measuring device via post mail and will schedule a call as soon as you've received it. In the meantime, we'll send you the invoice for the deposit which is due upon ordering your hat.

    In the FaceTime Call we'll measure shape and size together, and, obviously, talk through your hat and pin all the details down. This will take about 5-20 minutes.

  • Hat Creation & Follow Up

    After confirming everything in the FaceTime Call, we'll start blocking your hat, therefore changes can't be made to color, size and shape. We'll follow you up with pictures and ask your opinion - also we'll send you various designs based on your wishes and work with you on them. Small additions can always be made.

  • Finalising & Shipping

    We'll send you a video and details about your finished hat - if you confirm everything looks great, the hat will be shipped and the final invoice with the remaining amount of the hat and the shipping expenses is to be paid.

  • Happily ever after

    We'd love to hear your feedback on how the hat fits etc. It is now your new signature piece, and we hope you love it as much as we do!

    In case the hat is slightly bigger, it can be fixed with the fillers included in your order; or if the hat is slightly smaller, it can be adjusted with a hat-stretcher. However should the hat not fit properly caused by wrong measurements, the hat will be returned and we will redo it for 30% of the price.

    Every hat is unique and tells its own story - begin your journey now!

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