Below you'll find all frequently asked questions for Crown of the Vagabond and, of course, Vagabond Apparel. 

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Where do you make your hats?

All of our hats are handcrafted by us in our studio on the mediterranean Island Mallorca - made with love and appreciation for traditional hat-making techniques.

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Do you only have custom hats available - or do you also offer ready-to-wear hats?

We offer bespoke custom hats as well as customised ready-to-wear hats. Learn more about bespoke custom hats and our current collections.

Whats most important when ordering a hat?

To measure your hatsize properly is significant for a perfect fit as well as making sure your headform is correctly measured.

What if my hat doesn’t fit?

A too big hat is an easy fix - use the hat fillers provided in your shipping box and adjust them. If your hat is slightly too small we recommend a hat stretcher.

When the hat is too small caused by wrong measurements you return the hat and we redo it for 30% of the original price.

Why straw from Ecuador?

Because the best is what we aim for! And absolutely nothing compares to the fine Ecuadorian toquilla straw. Toquilla hats became known to the world as Panama Hats, because they were used by the workers who were building the Panama Canal. When in 1906, US President Theodore Roosevelt wore an Ecuadorian toquilla straw hat during a visit of the Panama Canal, the photos went around the world and finally established the current name "Panama hat". However, Panama Hats have always been woven by artisans in Ecuador with the fine toquilla straw, which grows on the Ecuadorian coastal region. 

Since 2012 the traditional weaving of the Panama Hat in Ecuador is part of the UNESCO’S list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

We source the best handwoven hat bodies you can find all over Ecuador and finally craft our unmistakable hats by hand in Mallorca. 

Why rabbit fur felt?

We believe in sustainability over fast fashion and certainly a hat that lasts for generations will win the long term race from an ethical perspective even though it’s not non animal - wool might seem to be an alternative but its common for wool hats to misshape and decay.. The expensive and robust fur felt is the up-cycling of rabbit skin, a byproduct of the food and animal food industry as the fur would go unused and be send straight to landfill. Fur felt comes with the ability to be shaped and reshaped by hand. Furthermore it keeps its shape, is naturally water resistant and doesn’t start smelling when getting wet. The resurgence of a traditional craft is a counterpoint to the mainstream fast fashion world where the global players pretend to act in nothing but the best interest of the planet. We are 100% convinced that our philosophy of quality custom hat fashion is humane, and respectful to mankind as well as animals.

What are your hats made of and what materials do you use?

All of our felt hats are made of 100% rabbit fur ethically sourced in Europe. To craft our straw hats we use highest quality Ecuadorian straw ornately woven in Ecuador. 

A selection of finest leather and fish skin. High performance silk cord. A variety of hatbands made in Germany as well as scottish tweed hatbands. Also finest silk bands made in Italy as well as vintage woven and cotton fabrics.

Are your hats waterproof? What if they get wet?

Our felt hats are naturally water resistant but not 100% waterproof. It’s fine to wear them in the rain and snow but they shouldn’t get fully soaked. With a flat brim - rest it on the brim for a full day and put some books on top, if your hat has a turned up brim (cowboy hat) - let it dry resting on the crown.

Straw hats are not made to be worn in the rain and any contact with water will deform your straw beauty and shorten its lifespan.

How do I take care of my hat?

If you don't wear your hat, rest it on the crown or hang it on a stand, hook or rack. Don't leave the hat in the car as it can overheat and deform. We recommend a hat brush to wipe off dust and a sandpaper to rub out stains on felt hats - however for straw hats a dry cloth and patience are your best friend.

What is Crown of the Vagabond?

Where craftsmanship meets unique design. We handcraft our hats the traditional way in Mallorca. Using century-old techniques and only the finest materials, we guaranty that every hat of ours is unique. Our modern, simplistic designs are unmistakable and have become trendsetters in the world of high-end wide-brim hats.

What is Vagabond Apparel? Do you have a showroom?

We’re a colorful collective and that is reflected in our clothing. Vagabond Apparel is on the sunny side of life, handmade on a sunshine island, to be worn in the best company. Conscious and sustainably minded all our garments are designed and crafted in Mallorca. We’re a slow fashion brand producing in small batches with fibres that are premium quality. Always striving to live up to the demands we place on ourselves. Currently we’re only selling online, but if you contact us ahead in time we can book an appointment and show you all our clothing in our studio in Porto Cristo.

What materials do you work with?

All our prints are merged from various personally hand-drawn symbols and designs - printed in Spain, Italy and Latvia. Our solid-coloured fabrics and accessories are sourced from Spain and Italy. The main focus is to use natural fabrics such as Linen, Viscose and Cotton and create comfortable long-lasting statement pieces. 

Where are your clothes being made? Who makes them?

We work in small batches and low quantities on Mallorca with a local team of patternmakers and seamstresses. From design creation, through dressmaking, to the final product. Everything is managed and handmade on Mallorca.

How should I expect the clothing to fit?

Vagabond Apparel was born with the purpose to create clothing for ourselves. To express ourselves through fashion. For us it’s the perfect mix of style, comfort and space. Most pieces are covering multiple sizes, others are adjustable and loose in fit. Check out the Size Guide of every individual product and check the measurements to make sure it’s your size. If you still have questions or don’t see your size - just leave us a quick message via contact form or insta :)

How do I take care of my Vagabond Apparel?

We recommend to always hand-wash your garments to not risk discoloration, damage or shrinkage. Hang dry and only iron on the lowest setting. Refrain from using heavy machinery or chemicals.

Be gentle to your clothing and it will serve you well.

Payment, lead time, shipping, return and refund

We offer online payment via Stripe, Credit Card or Bank Transfer - if you’re in the Porto Cristo Area we also offer cash payment and curbside pick-up. Lead time may vary from stock, preorder and demand, nevertheless you’ll be notified should it take more than 5 days to ship your order. Depending on your location shipping can take 3-7 days in total and we’re currently only shipping within Europe. Please notify us should your package still be missing or be interested in shipping to other parts of the world.

Returns are offered in a 30-day window starting from delivery. Please contact us if you want to request a return and we’re more than happy to help you! Returned items will be reviewed upon receipt for refunds and handled accordingly.