Straw Hats - Size Guide and Fit

All our hats are made-by-order and customised to fit your individual head shape. Straw hats are adaptable to your head and even slight oversize can be fixed with hat fillers, that are included in your order.

Overall there are different ways to wear a hat - it varies from person to person and is a question of comfort, styling and fit. 

Position yourself in front of a mirror. If you have long hair - leave it open or wear it how you normally would to get the right size.

Take a measuring tape and wrap it loosely, almost straight around your head and leave a finger’s width (1cm) above your ears and eyebrows - ask a friend for help to do it right. Please double check if you measured correctly.

The straight fit is the go-to for most of our customers - however if you want to wear your hat tilted, just wrap the measuring tape around your head at the angle you want your hat to sit in the end. If you compare the measurements of straight and tilted fit, the tilted is the larger one of both - so bear that in mind if you want to wear both styles.